Will there be a Memorial Melt Down of the GOP Forum?

Kaptin M

Once upon a time, there was a newish Professional Pilots Network that started growing - like the beanstalk, from the seed that Jack (not a pilot) planted.
It grew, and it grew, and grew.
But suddenly, passing through somewhere around FL300, there was an EXPLOSIVE decompression, and most everything went Pfffft.

Has the fearless Leader found a secure cloud this time around, or do we need to write our posts longhand, jic?


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Double edged sword mate. I’d love it to grow and provide me with some advertising income as I grow older and I tell everyone as I step out the door… “I may be gone for some time”. ?


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I have spread the word wide and far amongst the true believers, some of whom joined the throng in the last day. More to come.

Must have a strong Antipodean Team! :D