When can we tell Joe Public the truth about CHEMTRAILS?

Kaptin M

As far as I’m concerned, in this new, Open, Global society, it’s time we let on about Chemtrails, and our part in Global Climate Change.
Any agreements we might have had, with “you know who” went out the exhaust nozzle when we had our wings clipped.
Does anyone know Greta Thunberg’s email?


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Let it never be known to the uninitiated that Chemtrails consists of a very dangerous substance called dihydrogen monoxide. It is so corrosive it rusts even railway lines!!

Kaptin M

Why is this allowed on a PUBLIC FORUM (capitals for emphasis are important, and for deaf old pilots)❓‼️‼️

Any fool knows the real reason why aircraft removed from service, were parked in deserts, and not left at airports, where some snoopy investigator could access the exhaust outlets, or photograph the plumbing from the c tanks to the engines.