Grant Shapps... anal sphincter.


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How fecking stupid do you have to be to become a government minister? Grant Shapps, ignoring the fact that he has managed to oversee the almost total collapse of commercial aviation in the UK, he has now fecked up the roads transport system.

Announcing yesterday "Don't panic, there is no fuel shortage, just a shortage of delivery drivers", what did the buggeration of a minister expect most people to do? Today, you can't even get into a supermarket because of the long queues of cars with their drivers panic buying fuel. I apologise to all anal sphincters but this minister is the grand daddy of them all. :rolleyes:

On another note, I drive past the queues smug in the fact that I drive an EV and "fill up" at home. :cool:


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Was he the one that took the UK out of EASA? That's only going to hurt pilots with UK CAA licences. NetJets Europe said no to prospective pilots with UK licences only. A few more European companies now saying EASA licences only as well.