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    Site marketing.......

    Yes indeed. I think that photo was taken around 20 years ago at an Aussie Bash at the Brekky Creek Hotel in Brisvegas.
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    Site marketing.......

    Shades of decades past and the old PPRuNe T Shirts............ Go Girl and Torres getting friendly at a Bash in the Antipodes.......... Is this site offering a similar product...
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    When can we tell Joe Public the truth about CHEMTRAILS?

    Let it never be known to the uninitiated that Chemtrails consists of a very dangerous substance called dihydrogen monoxide. It is so corrosive it rusts even railway lines!!
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    Wonderful guy. His aviation knowledge and Moderator skills resulted in one of the most interesting and informative Forums on that other site. We exchanged so many interesting chat emails over the years.
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    Ex Airline specific forums/threads?

    I was hoping we'd attract Dunnunda Antipodeans that at least displayed some class? :cry: Not just anyone........ :D
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    Ex Airline specific forums/threads?

    Having learned the art of Poll manipulation on another aviation site we are all familiar with, I question whether the results above, which fluctuate daily, may be fallacious, or at very least a level of veracity comparable to a Politician's pre election promise? :ROFLMAO: Get well quickly...
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    Six-engined flying boat found at the bottom of a Canadian lake.

    There were only ten Latécoère 631 built, looks like they all were operated by French airlines and the Luftwaffe. Five were involved in recorded fatal crashes. Be interesting to hear the story about the aircraft in a Canadian lake. They were big, six 1,600 HP Wright R-2600 radials, max TO weight...
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    What is your situation?

    Great to read all the stories. The pandemic has caused life changing issues for many, probably none more so in Australia than pilots and tourism industry workers. Some airline pilots have experienced a double whammy - a few senior airline pilots mortgaged their property to buy capital city taxis...
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    Ex Airline specific forums/threads?

    Well of course, this is the home of OzMates!! We really are very friendly. Cairns is a great place to be. At least it is in Queensland, climate is perfect and there is probably no better pursuit in life than sitting on the Esplanade outside the Night Markets, sucking on a cold XXXX and watching...
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    Ex Airline specific forums/threads?

    It is definitely on the right track now we've motivated the Aussie Team to register. Our team tends to bring a little 'class' to any debate. Danny has a 'special thing' for Antipodeans. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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    Ex Airline specific forums/threads?

    That is why Moderators have a couple of special buttons: And there are few in this forum very experienced in their use!! :D
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    I can see you all "lurking" out there.

    Hardly recognised daughter and I at the Brekkie Creek in photo above. GG and I on the p*ss. Where was this taken, I don't remember:
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    Kaptin M Joined July 14 2000 - couple of weeks to the 21st anniversary - 3,019 posts, last post April 8 2021. Probably set the record for the most binnings and bannings! :D :D :D First post in five years - I guess the last Ban expired, eh? :D
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    The new far-Left revolutionaries want to extinguish free expression itself

    Likewise, the Climate Change malarky being prosecuted by the Left:
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    Will there be a Memorial Melt Down of the GOP Forum?

    I have spread the word wide and far amongst the true believers, some of whom joined the throng in the last day. More to come. Must have a strong Antipodean Team! :D